Everything starts with the belief and if you don’t believe, you might as well not play football.”
- Robin van Persie

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"When people first started asking me for autographs in my career, it was mostly just young boys forming small crowds, I’d always spend a lot of time making sure they all got their autographs, I’d even ask "is everyone satisfied?", because I had been in their shoes, and I knew how much it would have meant to me to get an autograph as a young boy, and what it would have felt like to leave without one. Now of course, the crowds are too big for me to get to everyone, but I always try my best, because I know what it means to them, through what it would have meant to me." - Zlatan Ibrahimovic

2012/2013  &  2013/2014

Footballers - Robin van Persie (Requested by anons)
Footballers - Robin van Persie (Requested by anons) 
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